In today’s day and age people want to be smart consumers and get the most out of their money. That rings true when it comes to vehicles as well and the newly upgraded 2017 Ford C-Max helps drivers get the most out of every mile that they drive. You get not only a really efficient vehicle (About 38 miles per gallon combined is your average) but you also get a vehicle that handles the road well. Previously, vehicles didn’t give you both of these options.

The most cutting edge technology for hybrid vehicles gets you great road handling and impressive gas mileage with the Ford C-Max. You get to choose between three different engine options including a 2.5 liter iVCT engine, a 1.5 liter EcoBoost and a 2.0 liter Twin Scroll EcoBoost. Stop in our showroom today to check out these great options and other Ford vehicles that we have to offer.
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