Being a parent means you are always on the go. Whether you are getting school supplies ready, packing lunch for the kids, or making the final touches on correcting their homework, there is no time to worry about running down to start the vehicle. The 2017 Ford Escape now has you covered, placing the work in your hands straight from your home. The all new FordPass enables SYNC connect equipped Escape owners to control their vehicles from their fingertips. Connect accesses your vehicle, checking fuel levels and enables you to start your vehicle at the push of a button. The FordPass lets you unlock your vehicle, schedule maintenance and require roadside assistance when needed. If you ever go shopping with a lot on your mind, you will never lose your vehicle again in the parking lot. Use the FordPass program to locate your 2017 Ford Escape quickly so that you can be on your way without the hassle. The new hands-free liftgate opening option lets you open the tailgate without living a hand. Simply kick the underside of the rear bumper, and the gate opens up so you can load your groceries, kid's school equipment or whatever else you need to load for your drive. The 2017 Ford Escape is a well-equipped vehicle that has the FordPass option. Learn more at John Kennedy Ford, in Phoenixville, PA.

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