How long do you have for the answer? The 2017 Ford Super Duty has built upon its solid history. It has taken great features and added even more.

You start with its strong steel frame, great towing and add smart technology. Ford showcases some of the best vehicle smart technology around. "Form follows function at Ford;" each technology helps you complete a specific task.

If you are in a tight space, with construction tools, boards, and equipment, around you, the "Adaptive Steering" is great. It accentuates the turning power by up to 30%. It allows you to be more agile at low speeds.

The rear camera gives you the "zooming" functionality. This is ideal for when you are trying to hook up your trailer. You don't need help, you just need your 2017 Ford Super Duty smart technology. Check out all the super smart tech at John Kennedy Phoenixville.

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