Amazing Race to Showcase Ford Super Duty Smart Technology!

Have you ever purchased a smart phone, tablet or computer and not realized all of the cool features, until you opened up the manual? Many folks like to play around with their high-tech gadgets. When you play with the Ford Super Duty, you might be simply amazed.

All of those things, you had said to yourself - "I wish my truck had A and B." Guess what, the Super Duty might have it. The smart technology helps you with some of the most difficult maneuvers. The human brain is amazing, and some men can "envision" the trailer hitch in their "mind's eye" to hook it up in a second. For the rest of the world, hooking up to your gooseneck hitch can be a chore. 30 minutes might be the minimum for the novice.

The Super Duty solves this problem with its rear-facing camera. Zoom in and get hitched easily. Experience it for yourself at John Kennedy Ford.

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